YouTube monetization Tips 2020

Some of the toughest thing for a YouTube creator is get monetization for their YouTube Channel. Some creators get success but some not because it is not that easy to full fill the criteria of YouTube  Monetization. YouTube Have criteria that you have to Complete two things for YouTube Monetization, One is 1000 subscribers and another is 4000 hours watch time in One Month. So First The Toughest Thing is to get 1000 subscribers, Few creators get 1000 subscribers by their viral video or regular content or Good Content But Most of the creators have to do lot's of Struggle for that 1000 subscribers. And then It comes 4000 hour watch time in 1 year That means you need more then 60,000 Views on Your channel in one year for YouTube Monetization. 

So in today's video, I will give you some tips by which you can easily get your YouTube Monetization

1. Quality Video:- 

The first thing and the most important thing is quality videos, You have to make quality videos on your channel to get monetization easily. Quality Videos will help you to get more viewers and by this, you will get more subscribers and of course more engagement. And by more engagement, you will get more views and by more views, you will get more audience retention and by this audience retention, you can easily get the 4000 hour watch time.  

2.Long Video:-

2nd tip is to try to make long videos, Long videos will increase your watch time by which you can easily hit the 4000 hour watch time target. But remember one thing you have to make long videos but not boring videos. You have to mix 3 interesting things in your video while making long videos no. one is entertainment, no.2 is humor, No. three is based on the topic. No.3 based on the topic is the most important one, Don't go out of context and keep entertain your viewers.

3. Collaboration:-

The collaboration will boost your YouTube channel. Collaboration means to try to collab with other YouTubers by making videos with other creators or called them for a short interview on your channel or make a video on your channel together. 
But at the time of Collaboration remember one thing always try to collab with those creators who have the same Genera or same category as your YouTube Content, That does not only increase your subscriber but it will also force those subscribers to be on your channel if your contents are interesting. 

4.Regular Update:-

Try to update regular videos on your channel, it not only increase your watch time but also you will gain lots more subscribers by this. But there is a fact that you have upload quality videos with interesting topics, In case If you update on daily basis but your contents are not that strong and interesting then no one will watch your videos and you will lose subscribers.

So, I hope you will succeed one day, and keep hard working and keep improving.

Note:- All the details are given by full research and all the statements are fully true.

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