what is the full form of internet? What are the benefits of Internet ?

In Todays, world Internet is a source of all information and solution of our all problems, Nowadays the internet comes under one of the most essential elements of human life.  which we use on daily basics. (internet full form and how it works)

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The Internet is the largest network in the world, Usually, we know that internet is a place where we can find anything we want jut we have to search on it but theoretically, The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices. that means the connection between two computers built through the TCP / IP Protocol to transfer information is called the Internet. (internet full form and how it works)

Now may be a question is appearing in your mind that Who actually invented the internet and when?
As per google in 1990 Two Computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn who invented Internet communication protocols. And that what we use today as refer as internet.

So now let's know what is the full form of internet?

The Full Form of Internet is Interconnected Network. It is also known as the World Wide Web or in simple terms the Web.

At the time of google search and other search engine searches, you may see the w.w.w option which means the worldwide web.

So the third question is how how internet works?

We will show you through a example of A and B that how does internet works:-

In the First step, Computer A sends a message to Computer B’s IP Address.
In the 2nd step, The message is broken into small pieces called Packets.
In The 3rd step, Packets are sent along Packet Routing Network to correct IP address to which IP address the sender wants to send.
In the 4th step, Packets are subject to Transfer Control Protocol to maintain quality.
In the 5th step, Packets are received and reassembled at Computer B’s IP Address.
So this is how a internet network is works. 

So now let's talk about the benefits of Internet:-

We can show you tons of benefits and advantages of the internet because today the whole world is connected with the internet and most of the official works of government are doing by using the internet. SO we will talk about some of the major advantages of the Internet today.

1. It is a home of all information of our world, Basically internet is the main hub of information you will get what you need. Each and every detail all information, all history , demography , geography everything.

2. By using internet you can do many important works by staying at home without losing your energy, Like transfer money through one bank to another, Do office works, chat with friends, meet with friends with video call and much more.

3.In one word internet makes our life so easy and comfortable you can do what you want, you can see what you want.

So every thing has good side and bad side so according to this law internet has also many bad sides like by using internet cyber crime are increasing day by day, Hacking of your personal information and bank accounts and much more. 

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