YouTube Video SEO That Helps You To Get More Views 2020

Want to get more views on YouTube? If your answer is yes then you have to learn the SEO Properly by which not only you can rank your videos on YouTube but also you will get more views on Videos.

But Before this let's know a little bit about SEO

SEO  means Search engine optimization is the method of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by raising the clarity of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO leads to the growth of unpaid results and eliminates direct traffic and the buying of a paid position.

Basically, SEO Will Help you to rank your videos and if you do proper SEO to all your videos then you will grow faster. 

YouTube Video SEO That Helps You To Get More Views 2020

Now let's talk about 5 Steps of SEO By Which You can rank your videos on YouTube:-

1.Long Video:-

1st tip is to try to make long videos, Long videos will increase your watch time by which you can easily hit the 4000 hour watch time target. But remember one thing you have to make long videos but not boring videos. You have to mix 3 interesting things in your video while making long videos no. one is entertainment, no.2 is humor, No. three is based on the topic. No.3 based on the topic is the most important one, Don't go out of context and keep entertain your viewers.

How SEO works on a long video?

YouTube is a platform where you can learn or teach something or show your talent in front of the audience. So if you want to learn something properly then you need time, in that case, youtube things that long videos are more informative then short videos if your channel is based on Education, Information or Technical Topic, But in case if you are making fun and entertaining videos then make your video length for 10 to 15 minute.  


Do comments matter? Yes, Comment can push your video by which YouTube will suggest your videos in more places and at the same time you will get more video views and more channel reach.

As an example, if You have an Education Based Channel then most probably people will comment on your videos like " Sir How to concentrate on Study? or What will be the Answer of This Question Etc.
So by these genuine comments, YouTube will suggest the video to those people who have the same questions.

So at the time of making any video always ask at the end of the video that which part do you like most comment down below or Ask more question by which I can answer your question in next video.

3. Tags:-

Tags are the most important thing by which you can rank your video and YouTube will Suggest Your Video to more and more people.

YouTube tags are those things that help any uploaded YouTube video to come on the search result or to reach your video to those people who are searching for the relevant topic. Tags help the creator to reach your video to more people by which you will get more and more views by which you can get your 1k subscriber milestone so soon.   

As an example, if you are putting tags on your video like How to make Coffie? Then YouTube will understand by reading your tags that you are making a video on Making Coffie, at that time YouTube will suggest your video to those people who are searching the same title on YouTube that How To make Coffie or How To Make coffee at home or How to make coffee in Hindi Etc.    

 4. Thumbnail:-

Thumbnail is the game-changer or the most attractive thing of your video by which you can get more and more views. 

Basically, a thumbnail is the first thing a person will see when they are searching and trying to determine which content will give them the best result or answer to whatever it is they're searching for.

It is an image that you select for your video interface by seeing your video thumbnail most of the people will judge how your videos gonna be or should the click on your video or not. 

So, Always make thumbnail strong and attractive that most of the people click on your video by just seeing your thumbnail pic. 

5. Title & Description:-

Title & Description is also an important part of your YouTube Video.

First Thing is Title, Title is the topic of Your video by which you are determining in which topic you are making your video or what's about this whole video is for, Or What's this video is made for.

So The first thing that YouTube See that's your video title, By seeing the video title YouTube will suggest your video to those people who are searching for the same title or same topic on YouTube.

And the same thing happens with description, You have to write those things on the description box which you have contained in your video. By which YouTube will understand what is that video for then YouTube will suggest this video in front of those people who are searching for the same topic.  

So, These are the 5 main Tips of How to Do SEO of Your YouTube Video, Try to apply this thing on your YouTube video I am sure that you will definitely get your result.

Note:- All the details are given by full research and all the statements are fully true.

Disclaimer:- All the details are collected from the official website, So if any mistake happens you can inform us in the comment section.

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